Cash is King

This week Pocket Marty will be focusing on cash flow: what it is, why it's important and what it can do for you.

While we all know that Cash is King, for a small business understanding your cash flow is key. Cash is your lifeblood. It's how you pay the rent, keep the lights on and buy the things you need to make what you're selling. Without cash you're dead in the water.

Just as important as the cash itself is where its coming from and where it's going. The three activities that generate cash flow are Operating, Investing and Financing. The latter two come into play from time to time, but long-term success is tied to your operating activities. That's where I'm going to focus this week.

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Pocket Marty
Pocket Marty

Pocket Marty was born during a conversation with clients and friends talking about how they wanted to have a mini version of Marty on call 24/7 to answer questions or give an opinion...and not always about accounting.

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